The oath of love wetv

Been getting a little twitchy waiting for your next Xiao Zhan fix? Us too! With Oath of Love wrapping in November, we have been on pins and needles for the next update on the drama.

It looks really good! We already feel that this match is going to surpass our expectations, even though Xiao Zhan fans struggled with the casting of Yang Zi.

Ever the dutiful daughter, Lin Zhi Xiao puts everything on hold, including her dream job with a big firm outside of her hometown and her relationship with her current boyfriend, to care for him. Xiao Zhan plays doctor Gu Wei, a workaholic gastroenterologist, whose cold and grim exterior hides a sweet and warm heart. Gu Wei is so driven, and such a perfectionist that he suffers a psychological breakdown when a case goes poorly.

Gu Wei is a driven overachiever who has never allowed someone truly in. Both of them have a lot of self-doubt to overcome, as well as misunderstandings and challenges based on their own stressful situations.

When a guy hugs you tight what does that mean since we know they were meant to be.

The modern Mandarin romance will be broadcast through Hunan TV and is expected to be released this year, with no official date out yet. We promise only to send you the most relevant news, contests, quizzes, and polls. Bridget is on an ongoing quest to channel Veronica Corningstone in all facets of life. As a lover of true crime documentaries and cheesy romance movies, Bridget's joy in the silver screen is only exceeded by her capacity to recall 90s hip hop lyrics.

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The Untamed Starring Xiaozhan and Wangyibo. Forget You Remember Love country girl's pure and fresh love. WeTV Only.

the oath of love wetv

Love is Deep Male doctor from the galactophore department pursues love from his cute girlfriend. Sweet Dreams Dilraba and Deng Lun's sweet love. The King's Avatar Yang Yang fought for glory. The Demon Master Chuxia and Qilu sweet couple come back again. Fairyland Lovers Bai Yu leads the wonderful love story in the fantasy world.

Ever Night The juvenile resist rule of heaven revenge fiercely. The Untamed Exclusive Behind the Scenes. Unexpected The advanture of an cartoonist.

All I want for Love is you The striker girl falls in love with a genius. My Love From the Ocean A magical love story.

the oath of love wetv

Flipped Adoring to you is the beginning of lifelong romance. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin:The Survivor Dr. Qin speaks for the dead. Solaso Bistro Jiao Junyan fights against sexually harass in workplace.

Cold Case Four policewomen reveal the truth of the cold case. Fox's Summer SS2 A sweat love story. Sand Puzzle Wu Lei and Qinhao opens their adventure tour. The Eternal Love Honest couple sweet love.The Oath of Love is an upcoming Chinese drama.

All this happens just before graduation. New Releases. New ReleasesUncategorized. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions. Lin Zhixiao's Yang Zi father is hospitalized after being diagnosed with cancer. She meets Gu Wei Xiao Zhanher father's attending physician and a romance blossoms.

the oath of love wetv

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Necessary Always Enabled.I know the novel and think it is pretty average and boring, so I was worried but after the trailer I really have a good feeling since they made the characters realistic and likeable. I also like that YZ doesn't need to play overly cute again since she is the best when she can act natural. I agree with you, I stopped watching Go Go Squid early on as it was becoming too cheesy that I cringed even if Li Xian was really appealing.

I just put on 2x speed during the cheesy scenes between ml and fl. I actually first noticed YZ in The Legend of Chusen and i'd liked her with all her 'seriousness' looks and then i started following her in her other dramas and tbh, i find her to be a very good actress but i think whenever she's acting those 'cutesy' roles, she tends to overact.

I feel this drama will put me in an emotional state but at only 30 epis. Seriously can't wait. I love both of them. And I have seen before that they both can act amazingly if the roles are suited. So I can't wait to see them in the drama since the trailer turned out so nicely.

I like her but her styling is so bad across all of her modern drama works, why? I think that also. Either her stylists in those dramas are awful or her sense of style is bad.

Guardians of the Ancient Oath

She doesn't have good proportions. So is always long dresses or pants. When she gains weight - her legs are big. She needs a stylist who knows how to bring the best out of her. When the drama comes out I'll be looking forward to twoset violin roast video!

I just don't like her vibes but i want to watch his drama I'm not her fan either. I don't dislike her and will watch it for him. I haven't watched "The Untamed" yet.

Xiao Zhan & Yang Zi from ( Oath Of love )

Both is my favourite actors, its just the storyline seems boring i hope its won't. The Oath of Love posted by Binge-watcher on November 04, 15 comments. One makes music while the other uses his hands to save lives.

This leads to her turning down a job opportunity overseas and of course, caring for an ailing father means no distractions so she and her boyfriend call it quits. But as many of you drama fans already know, love finds its way when you least expect it. Enter the doctor, Gu Wei, played by Xiao Zhan. He appears to have a cold exterior but he's very much invested in his patients, one of whom is the heroine's father.

From what I've seen in the trailerthere will be serendipitous moments of close encounters before the meet cute between them actually take place. As cute as Go Go Squid! In comparison, I appreciate that The Oath of Love has realistic elements to ground the story, so all that's left is to see whether the acting will click or not.

Yang Zi, for one, amazes me with her ability to switch from bubbly, cheerful characters to dramatic crying in the next scene, I can see why many fans adore her. Xiao Zhan is so handsome in his uniform that it makes me wish that I was one of his patients. Kidding aside, I think he nails the good doctor vibe and is giving a lot of warm feels with that soft smile of his.

Usi November 4, at AM.In a world where sensationalism and celebrity are images that our nation looks up to, we have been deprived of real role models. My role model has been a nurse, a judge, a teacher, and moreover, a mother to me. She has overcome the challenges of motherhood six times overeducation, divorce, and reality television, and still being her own woman. Growing up to dinner every night to flying bi-coastal to spend time with six children and eleven children, being a life-coach to all who need her even just to talk to, and most important, teaching me the power of forgiveness, makes my mother Evelyn Braxton more than just a great human being — but my lifetime hero!

This organization is firmly built on allowing teens to open up and talk about issues such as bullying, the abuse in dating, violence in school, violence against women and other serious crises. There is so much to be said about this great organization. I am honored to be a part of this organization.

I stand by the values of integrity, inner purpose, service, experimental learning, professionalism, and empowerment.

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The Oath of Love

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Watch the video. He meets Ji Ye, an unfavoured illegitimate son who is training to become a warrior, and Yu Xiao Yan is a genius child who suddenly loses all his powers.

In a world governed by strength and power, Xiao Yan's lack of talent is an embarrassment to his family. At the age of 15, Xiao Ding Ning, a sickly young sword cultivator, and his companions set out to overthrow the tyrannical Kingdom of Wu ruled by a formidable Sword Sorceress and Sorcerer couple while pursuing their dreams of a 'Sword Dynasty'.

Gongsun Li is the granddaughter and disciple of military commander Gongsun Yu. When she was young, she met and rescued Ying Zheng, who then fell in love with her at first sight.

When the Set in Tang Dynasty, an eve before the Lantern Festival. Suspicious people infiltrated the empire's capital. In order to keep the capital safe, a talented fellow trusted by royal prince and The story of power, desire, lust and love among people of different kingdoms in ancient China. No matter who you are, you have to rise from the mud to become The Great Phoenix.

The fate of the country rests in the hands of a group of teenagers. Bai Ze Chen Xiang is the emperor's loyal subject who is sent to search for the five mystical stars that can restore A young girl searches for the truth about her older sister's death by becoming a seamstress in the Emperor's harem.

A story about a forbidden romance that has weathered ten lifetimes and endured a thousand years of waiting. Set in the ancient era, Zuo Xiang, an official from the Great Yan, colludes with Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits.Fan Xian grew up in a small town by the sea with his grandmother, following a sudden visit of a poison master, his peaceful life quickly morph into one filled with danger and hardship.

After becoming rather skilled with medicine, poison and martial arts, he goes to the capital to find out more about his mysterious mother. He ends up on an adventure of marvelling the world, getting tangled in politics, finding true love, figuring out his purpose in life and secrets of his world.

Edit Translation. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 9.

The Oath Of Love (Chinese Drama)

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